November on Padre

Ok, I’m a little bit late on the November posting from South Padre.  We got here Nov 1 and settled in–ready to sail on the 3rd.  Our plan was to kite with lower winds and to windsurf when the winds picked up.  On the 4th and the 6th, the winds were light and we put up the 13m kite at the Pond (the northernmost sailing spot that the club maintains).  The only problem was the slippery footing when launching and landing.  If your feet were not in the right place you could take a “Nantucket sleigh ride” when landing or launching.

The first windsurfing day was Nov 9th, with Paula on the 4.5 and Butch on a 5.0 with winds averaging 21-25 mph.  We figured out (by keeping track on a spreadsheet) that when the wind averaged about 21-22, it was time to windsurf.  Butch was able to fly and ride the 8.5  when it was gusting to 27.  All in all we kited 12 days in November and windsurfed three.  The best part of it all was that is has been warm, arm, warm and so comfortable on the water.

Thanksgiving was fun with 17 people sharing a cooperative meal at Kathy and Mike’s place—the only place that would hold us all.  It’s great to be with all our friends down here—Kathy and Mike, Leo and Karen, Jim and Liz, Nayland, Mike and Sherri, Laura and Jim, Jim and Judy, Ron and Joyce, and Bob and Leslie and Salbino just got here on the first.  We’ve got a month before we head to El Cuyo and we are getting excited about that trip.  I did post a video on Facebook, I don’t think I have many other photos!

There’s been beach biking, beach walking,  kite rigging, Saturday swap meets and Sunday farmer’s market as well.

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