Phil’s World

Just east of Cortez was our third ride in the area–Phil’s World.  18 miles of trails nicely laid out, uni-directional, and very popular.  We rode most of the system, finally finding some trails (the Ledges Loop) that weren’t like a concrete sidewalk and more like dirt mountain bike trails.  There’s a fun section called Rib Cage with great roller coasters.  Cortez is a fun, friendly town-great ice cream shops,nice bike shop and it seems that there is a local habit of putting clever sayings on their signs:  Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder (on a liquor store); how old you are is your business, how old you look is ours (a hair salon);  Ice cream killed the dinosaurs, take revenge–eat more ice cream (ice cream shop); who says size doesn’t matter?  No one likes a small glass of wine.

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