Elevated in Los Alamos

We rode in Los Alamos today.  A bit hard to find the trails, the city is on a mesa that is riddled with steep canyons and lots of the trails.  We started at the Aquatic Center and dropped steeply into the canyon.  The Canyon Rim trail sounded fine—I mean it looked like a nice ride along the top of the mesa.  Well the pictures don’t really do justice to the drop off.  It was high anxiety at 7800 feet.  We rode along the rim and then crossed a bridge over the canyon to the other side, saw an interesting old cave, then down to the bottom of the canyon and then out.  All in all, a good ride.  Headed into Santa Fe for dinner and a walk around the main plaza.  We were treated to a cellist, a guitar/ banjo group and some young native indians drumming and singing.  A very nice night indeed.


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