There were a lot of options to ride in Durango, so we asked a local at the Horse Gulch trailhead and she suggested a ride up to Skyline and down Sugar Bear.  So we took her advice and climbed and climbed.  At the base of the climb was a ‘shrine’- by the time we topped out 1200 feet higher (elev 7900 ft), we knew why the shrine was there! The fun ride down Sugar Bear on the other side of the ridge put smiles back on our faces.  We thought we had legs left so we headed up the other side of the canyon to Cuchilla and Meadow Loop and then down.  What a fun ride.  Durango has really been built up since I was last there- a little like Bend on steroids.  Headed to Pagosa Spring and New Mexico after the ride and passed Castle Rock.


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