Farewell, Bend…Hello Winnemucca?

Well the recent typhoon trotted across the Pacific and Bend was in the path.  The last few days were cloudy, sunny, rainy, snowy, windy, cold and warm… all in the span of 5 minutes.  We were lucky to squeeze in some great rides (one fun 20 miler) and then Forrest and Kaitlyn came to Bend for the weekend.  We attempted a Friday morning ride out east (Swamp Wells) but the rain and wind made the downhill return frrrreeeeezing!  We got back in the car, turned on the heat to try to dry out and did the Goodwill-Used Gear-Crux for lunch-tour before trying again on Kent’s, KGB and Marvin Garden at Phil’s Trailhead in the later afternoon.  That ride turned out to be OK.  Saturday morning we opted to hike up Tumalo Falls.  It was under the trees, so we stayed relatively dry until the way down.  The weather didn’t look to improve, so we said “goodbye” to Bend and headed south looking for warmer weather.

So we made the trek through Klmath Falls (where we thought we would ride, but it was 45 and raining) and started on “the loneliest road in Oregon” (Rte 140 from Lakeview, OR to Winnemucca NV).  No gas for 100 miles.  Over 100 miles of up  one pass, across a high plateau, down into the valley and repeat, repeat.  We saw only a handful of cars….

endless-roadand some wild, dark clouds and gorgeous mountain vistas.


Today we rode the Bloody Shins Trail… we figure bloody sins from the sagebrush that overgrows the trail.  Again we had a potpurri of weather events–sun followed by beautiful clouds, dark clouds, sprinkles, sleet with wind (ouch that hurts on the face) back to sprinkles and then sun!!  Yikes.  We took the Afterthought trail and found an old VW bug!

On to Ely and warmer temps as we head south toward southern Utah!!

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