Beautiful Green River WY

Bear Lake Panorama (click on image for full size)

What an unexpected surprise riding at Green River. The drive to Green River took us through miles of mining sites (they mine tronic to make soda ash), fields of hay and antelope and oil wells.  The bike trails are just outside of the town of Green River, WY and offer sweeping views towards the Green River.  Although there are no trees and it was a cloudless day, the riding was comfortable, the climbing  wasn’t bad (even at 6600 ft elevation) and the temps perfect.  We climbed up and around ridges, with loads of flaky reddish rock with colorful lichen.  We hoped to find a fossil or two, but Butch was the only one I could find.  After the ride we headed for Rendezvous Beach at Bear Lake SP in Garden City UT.  Another great surprise….a state park on the water, almost empty with a gorgeous view of the lake, looking north to ID.  On to Pocatello tomorrow.

Green River


Bear Lake


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