Wonderful Wyoming!

Two days at Curt Gowdy State Park, just west of Cheyenne WY.  What a great surprise:  spacious camping on the reservoir, gorgeous, well-marked trails, fun riding terrain, and beautiful scenery.  We headed north out of Loveland Sunday morning and into Wyoming–passing a buffalo and camel farm just over the border. We got to the park by mid morning and rode the northwestern part of the trails- up nicely laid out climbs, around huge boulders, to a hidden waterfall and, to top off the ride on the way back we watched an eagle hunting and catching a fish from the lake.  Monday morning we headed out to the southern section–Canyons, Middle Kingdom, Cliffhanger, Mahogany with mule deer, bunnies and trout sightings.  Then we headed west through the Medicine Bow National forest towards Laramie.  A stop in Laramie to take care of some bike issues, then on to Rawlins for the night.  On the way west, we again saw huge wind farms.  Wyoming is one of the best states for wind potential.  The beautiful rock formations of were replaced by open prairie where we could see herds of antelope.  Tomorrow we head to Green River WY.wyopc2 wyopc1 wyobs1

wyo8 wyo7 wyo6wyo2

wyo5 wyo4 wyo3

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