Brown County, the last days of summer and the lowly persimmon

We’ve spent two days riding at Brown County State Park.  What a great place to ride and stay.  The park is huge (16,000 acres) and when we first drove in what we noticed were the steeply sided ridges and wondered about the riding.  Yesterday’s ride was a fun 10 miles downhill both ways.  Their trail design uses the terrain beautifully. The park has great camping sites, new and clean facilities and is near the small artist town of Nashville.  There is a huge lodge, indoor pool, outdoor pool, cabins, horseback riding–not your typical park. Today’s ride was again fun and flowy and warm. Two if the last days if summer and in the 80s. On to Columbia Missouri and Rhet’s Run tomorrow.

This park hassome persimmon trees and we learned about the lowly persimmon. Butch tried one that was firm and fund out they are inedible until they are totally soft and mushy. When it ripe they are one of nature’s strongest astringents. about puckering up!

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