The Maggies… Part Deux


Twelve days into our stay on the Maggies… eleven days on the water.  Morning or afternoons, before or after kiting, we’ve managed to get in some sightseeing and biking.  There are two cheese factories, a Saturday farmer’s market with great croissants and vegetables, plenty of beaches, cliffs, lighthouses and dirt roads to ride.  Blueberries abound along the edges of the back roads and in the low bushy areas between the main road and the beach where we kite. The weather (which is normal for here) is much cooler than we expectedthe last three days have been 59 degrees with a northerly (cool) wind and overcast, leaving us anxious for a hot shower, long pants and fleece when we get back to the cottage.

We’ve met some nice folks at the sailing site, and all the locals are warm and welcoming.  The islands are remarkable in many ways everything is so neat and tidy.  They are incredibly free of litter or old cars in people yards.  There are recycle, compost and trash cans everywhere and public bathroom facilities, like at the farmer’s market, are pristine.  Most houses here are very small (must be easier to heat in the winter), colorfully painted and trimmed and we were surprised to see underground electric on the most remote part of the island.  There are no tacky T-shirt shops like Hatteras or South Padre, but gasoline and sales tax is incredibly high, I think I paid $15 tax on a $79 purchase (CAN); gas is $1.18 per liter which works out to about $3.60 per gallon.  So, we have 7 days left.  The forecast looks sunny and in the low 60’sstill full on wetsuit weather, but the sun is always at least a psychological source of heat.

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