A Week at Cape Hatteras

flood-hatterasOn a bit of whim, Doug (a friend of ours) and I headed to Hatteras for a week to catch some wind and nail down kite skills.  The easiest drive down there I’ve ever done to North Carolina–no real traffic.  We left at 7:30 and stayed over in Exmore then over the Chesapeake Bay bridge/Tunnel and to Hatteras by 10 AM the next day.  We shelved our plans to stay in Nags Head (no rooms in Waves) and found a cottage for the week.  Well, as can easily happen in Hatteras, no wind on Sunday, no wind on Saturday, I got out on Monday, rain all day Tuesday, I got out Wednesday afternoon then the remnants of tropical storm Bonnie parked its butt on top of us all day Thursday for pouring rain and flooding.  Friday (today) and Saturday don’t look too good,  Sunday and Monday it picks way up…wouldn’t you know we were supposed to leave on Saturday but we’ll stay until Monday.  Hopefully kite on Monday before we take off. That’s the crapshoot that plagues all wind sports!

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