First week in Mexico

We’ve been here almost a week and are settling into the routine.  There is yoga 7 days a week, mtn bike ride with a group 3 days a week, a farmer’s market on Thursdays, the fruit man on Fridays, the bakery lady on Tuesdays….all that food but we only eat twice a day and the weather can’t be beat.  Took a ride north of town to scope it out.  There is a hot springs up there that we will go to next time.  I haven’t taken any pictures…  will take my phone out riding with me next time… there were a few cacti in bloom and I am sure more to come.  We have most common sail sizes rigged in out storage shed and still need a bit of organizing.  There are 3 fishing boats that go out from the beach where we sail.  One came in with a 62 pound wahoo caught with a spear gun.  I have sailed four out of five days on 4.5 or 5.0/  Today the El Norte is coming–already breezy at 7 AM and forecast for big swells.  I will sit it out until I get my skill set better, but Butch is looking forward to today.

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