Southern California and the ride down the Baja

Idyllwild was the last ride and then housekeeping–oil change, tires rotated and the drive to Portrero CA, right near the border to Tecate.  We planned 4 1/2  days to get to LaVentana– the stories we heard about military stops, police stops, bad roads, etc. had us worried and not knowing what to expect.

Yes, some of the roads have no shoulders, there were some very short detours where they were working on the road, and yes there were three or four military stops where we were waved right through.  The roads were actually pretty good.  There was a LOT of desert and cactus and speed bumps.  Speed bumps going in and out of curves up and down the passes.  Went to the old mission (1780s) in San Ignacio.

Bahia Concepcion is absolutely gorgeous.  You can camp right on the beach, the islands are like mountains.

baja2-1baja2-2    baja2-7 baja2-8baja2 baja3baja4 baja7baja1  baja8

One thought on “Southern California and the ride down the Baja

  1. Will this be your first windsurfing, or did you go to the Gorge? I am trying to get to SPI Thanksgiving. Be careful about your belongings at La vantana,Jim had his car he was camping out of cleaned out at the beach. Bob


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