Kernville and Just Outstanding

Kernvilee, CA– another town where lack of water has impacted the economy.  This is a major rafting center and the water level was last high enough to raft in 2009.  YIKES!!  Lake Isabella has trees showing in the middle.  We rode Just Outstanding and then continued down Wagy Ridge.  JO was great but Wagy Ridge– well, that’s another story.  We already learned about riding cattle trails, now we experienced riding down steep sandy trails where motos are allowed.  Most of it was an unrideable trench where your pedals dragged on the inside of the rut.  Nice views. Wild rock formations and giant pine cones.

Small world:  John, the owner of Mountain and River Adventures spent a semester at UNH in Durham in the mid 80s.

JO-kernville9 JO-kernville7 JO-kernville4 jo-kernville3 JO-kernville2 JO-kernville1

One thought on “Kernville and Just Outstanding

  1. So enjoying your blog!
    My sister lives in Pasadena, and things are dire. There is talk about a water pipeline from AK!
    Yes, we in NH are fortunate…so far!
    Ride On you 2!


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