Auburn–mid California Urban Riding

From Santa Rosa we headed toward Auburn to ride the ASRA (Auburn State Recreation Area)  and the Forest Hill Divide Trail.  What a nice ride– ups and downs with some technical rocky sections and a loop to boot!  We met a guy from San Diego who was visiting for a wedding and hea headed out ahead of us.  We passed him early on and then stopped at the halfway point for a bar.  Two riders were there–one from the town next to my home town.  As we left, the rider from the parking lot came along.  He was worried about getting back in time.  We tagged team for a while and then we realized we overshot the trail that went back to the car.  It was only a few minutes on the road back to the car, but the rider we met in the morning had still not returned…we got to the van, changed and headed back down to the highway and saw the rider heading back to his car via the road–he missed the turn as well but evidently went a little farther astray!

We were really hit with the water crisis in California  We crossed over the highest bridge in California (740 feet) and could see where the water level used to be— the water was about 120 feet below normal  YIKES!!! We sure are lucky in New England to have all the water we need (at least for now).

auburn4 auburn2 auburn1

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