Santa Rosa–the gass beach, grapevines and dusty, rocky trails

Took a day to drive from the Lost Coast through Fort Bragg to Santa Rosa.  What a change of scenery…in the morning we were exploring the crazy glass beach at Fort Bragg (where the sea glass is 6 to 12 inches deep), along our last 30 miles of incredible twisti ng roads and then through the wine country to Santa Rosa.  This morning, after a new chain for the bike) we headed out the Annadel State Park for a rocky dusty ride.  It started out in the hot sun and on some very technical rocky climbs, but then broke into the woods, through some redwood groves and down a rocky descent to the car.  From There we headed to Auburn CA.

At the top of the trail system (the S Burma trail), we happened along a strange sight– a man dressed only in a paper loincloth, carrying a home made bow and arrow.  Butch said Hi to him and I kept my eyes down since the back of his loincloth blew up….ONLY in California.

We didn’t take many pictures- the climb took all our concentration and then the naked man…



3 thoughts on “Santa Rosa–the gass beach, grapevines and dusty, rocky trails

  1. Oh my goodness….that attire would only in CA or another place that is equally warm. Bow hunters in Michigan wouldn’t last 2 minutes in the woods!


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