Lost on the Lost Coast?

Very interesting day today.  We drove through the Redwoods, stumbled on a heard of elk in the morning mist and saw the beautiful NorCal coast to Arcata and stopped at the LBS for some beta on Lack’s Creek.  We got a black and white map and headed out.  We should have known something was a bit odd, the bike shop said  28 mile drive to the trailhead took about an hour and a half.  So, we head out of town and turn off from the highway onto a steep winding downhill rd for 5 miles.  There’s been nothing around for about 20 miles and at the bottom of the hill is a farm, we followed the signs and took a 6 mile gravel, amostly one lane road up, up up.  We came to a kiosk and found a hunter parked there.  He was carrying a gun and Butch asked how his day was going.  He answered that it would be better without the f*ing mountain bikers… OK, so now we’re wondering if we made a mistake.  Two mtn bikers pedal past and he swears at them and then leaves.

A few minutes later another car comes down from one of the roads above the parking lot.  We stop to ask how the road is where he came from (we were concerned that we wouldn’t be able to turn around).  He assured us that the road was OK. So we headed up to the next pullout and saw the two mtn bikers taking a break.  They gave us the lay of the land and we had a great day of mtn biking.  The area, Lack’s Creek, has been  designed by IMBA and built by the BLM.  There is an incredible amount of benching, but no trail names… The landscape is so steep, but they have managed to create some nice trails–just very way out of the way.

Another small world moment: One of the mtn bikers we talked to (who gave us the info) was from Temple, NH.  He’s climbed at Cathedral and Rumney and knew some folks that Butch knows….go figure.

arcata1 arcata2 arcata3 arcata4 arcata5 arcata7 arcata8 arcata9  arcata11arcata10

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