Farewell Bend

The last part of our stay in Bend gave us unbelieveable weather– day after day of clear blue skies.  After the Sisters trip, we took a day off and then rode  Paulina Lake and the Newberry Crater on Wednesday and did our last shuttle to Dutchman, Flagline, Metolius-Windigo, Happy Valley and the Mrazek Trail to Phils today.  That was a good long ride with great views of Broken Top.

Tomorrow we head for the Dread and Terror and the Hot Springs section of the North Umpqua Trail before heading to the Redwoods on Saturday.

Another small world moment:  On Saturday, Butch and I were in Sisters on the Petersen Tie Trail.  A tree was down and while we were lifting the bikes over one way, another rider came the other way.  We spoke for a few minutes.  He was retired from California and lived in Redmond with his wife, who was a road biker and not too confident on a mtn bike trail.  Two days and 100 miles later, we were driving up toward the Newberry crater and saw three women road biking up the road.  When we finished our ride, they pedaled into the parking lot and one of the women came over to ask us about the mountain biking.  She said she was from Redmond and for some reason I asked her if her husband was up on Petersen Ridge on Saturday.  She was shocked.  She said, “I heard about you two from my husband!”  Small world, huh?

Paulina Lake in Newberry Crater
Obsidian Flow at Newberry Crater
Right half of Paulina Falls
Other side of Paulina Falls
Other side of Paulina FAlls
Metolius Windigo Trail
My kind of burl on Mrazek Trail

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