Bend, Sisters, McKenzie Pass

We’ve been in Bend a week and have had 5 rides- three in Bend and one in Sisters and one in McKenzie River.  We went over to Sisters yesterday and rode the Peterson Tie Trail to Metolius Windigo and then trails at the top of Peterson Ridge.  Great views and great climbs.  We camped at the city park and then drove to McKenxie River and rode King Castle to Castle Rock Trail.  6 miles uphill and 6 down–all in the ost lush old growth forest.  Pictures can’t convey how beautiful it is there.  After the ride we went to Terwilliger Hot springs and soaked.  There are five pools of different temps and boy did it feel great after the ride.  We headed back to Bend over McKenzie pass and this time it wasn’t snowing and blowing, the views were awesome.

20150930_135312 mckenziepass1 sisters8 sisters7 sisters6 sisters5 skyliners sisters4 sisters3 sisters2 sissters1

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