Two Gorge-ous Days at Columbia River

Friday eve Oct 2, Sat. and Sunday Oct 3 and 4

The ride from Idaho was beautiful.  We kept bumping into those two explorers Lewis and Clark–we haven’t been able to shake them for days!  The Columbia River is quite a site– trains along both sides, wind farms everywhere along the ridges, barges, fishermen and the river itself.  We spent Saturday getting the things we need for windsurfing–small parts, a seat harness, some kite parts, etc.  What a beautiful day to soak up the town.  On Sunday we drove out to Post Canyon.  What an awesome place to ride.  We chose to ride up to the height of land on 8 Track and Upper 8 Track and then down the amazing GP to Spaghetti and Charlies.  There is a fabulous skills area for all ages–log rides teeter totter, pump track.  When we finished the ride the parking lot was full of families, kids, grown-ups all enjoying being out on a bike.  The man made features on the trail all had alternate paths and ther was something for everyone.

Butch thinks we should spend next summer out there!  After the ride we took the waterfalls highway to Portland and spent the night with Butch’s son Todd and his wife, Jess.  Great food, great city, great company.

Small world incident 1:  we get to the top of the climb and there is a logging road accessible by car where folks park for a shuttle.  What do we see but a truck with NH plates.  There’s a pizza box in the back, but we have no pen to write a note.  Butch is looking down on the ground a few feet away and he finds…a pen!. We leave him a note sending greetings from other NH folks.

postcanyon6 postcanyon5 postcanyon4 postcanyon3 post canyon1

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