First Ride in Bend

Tuesday, Oct 6th

For the first ride in Bend we settled on Tiddlywinks to Kiwa to Tyler’s Traverse–with a side trip to Duodenum.  Tyler’s and Duodenum are new and oh so fine–great swooping, bermed downhills and very fine powdery surface that makes it a bit tricky on the high edge of the berm.  But it was a stellar day– 75 degrees and sun and a great ride.

Small world incident #2-  At Pine Mtn sports we ran into two girls who were interested in the van (see the thread on van envy).  We got to talking and found out they were from Alberta CA.  We told them that we had gone into Alberta to a small town outside of Waterton, Pincher Creek.  One of the girls works there!

Small world incident #3  We were talking to Cat at Cog Wild and she asked about our trip.  We said we came through Sandpoint and Schweitzer and she asks me if I know Tom Chasse.  I told her I had coffee with him two days ago!!

Small world incident #4;  We parked our car int a FS parking area. Usually you need a sticker, but for the month of October it is free.  We are loading our bikes on the rack and a forest service truck passes us and then does a U turn.  We thought, “oh no what did we do?”  The field ranger steps out and says New Hampshire?  My brother is a FS ranger in NH- he lives in Plymouth and works at the Pemi Region.  She also wanted to see our van (see the thread on van envy)bend1 20151006_110719 bend2

3 thoughts on “First Ride in Bend

  1. We know about van envy!
    We may have enough wind and warm weather to go windsurfing tomorrow and Monday.
    My new bike is great but it is bow season now and there are a zillion (literally…at least a zillion!) hunters in the woods. Our road is like an expressway. You guys have seen where we live so you know that means LOTS of cars and trucks!
    We leave in about 2 weeks for Texas. Looking forward to it.


  2. Fall is so great with the days warm and, at least out here, very little rain. We’ve had onl 1 day of rain in the 5 weeks we’ve been on the road. We head to Sisters tomorrow for two days of riding then back to Bend. Not sure when we’re leaving to complete the trip to Mexico. Glad to hear your new bike is working out well and glad you’re heading to Texas. Are you going on to FL from there? Very windy here today. Safe travel to SPI.


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