Smoke gets in your eyes

Today we rode to Mineral Point and Lost Lake in Sagle, ID.  A bit of a drive down a dirt road to get to the trail head, but the ride was worth it.  The views were a bit obscured by forest fire smoke and we did notice the smoke when we were wheezing uphill, but a lot of the ride was like going through the Jedi Forest… big beautiful red pine and cedar.   We saw an owl, flushed a grouse and scared a small flock of quail.  After the ride, we drove to Richland WA so we can get to Hood River in the morning. Before heading out, I had coffee with Tom Chasse, old friend from North Conway.  He’s the CEO of Schweitzer and living in Sagle and enjoying life… good to know and good to see him.

mineralpoint5 mineralppoint6 mineralpoint6 mineralpoint3 mineralpoint2 mineralpoint1

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