Good friends, food and views…

Ken and Marcia (and the bikes) took us to Waterton and the Canadian side of the park.  the Prince of Wales Hotel is a piture ppostacard.  As we got out of the car, a bald eagle was soaring below us and at eye level… we headed to the village of Waterton–it is within the park itself.  The park has a bike path and we toured the valley to the entrance gate and back and then to a great lunch in the sun with views!!  Up to Cameron Lake and then to the edge of Waterton Lake to collect some beautiful stones on the beach.  And then Marcia baked a plum pie!!! soo delicious.  Great to see those two.

waterton6 waterton5 waterton-pof wales hotel waterton4 waterton3

waterton6 waterton5

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