Maah Daah Hey whaddya say?

We rode in Medora on the southern section of the Maah Daah Hey trail.  Very scenic, very smooth, climbing most of the way out and ever so slightly downhill on the way back.  Got an early start because the weather predicted high temps.  Leaving the badlands, we passed acres of dry grassland (like Moab or Fruita) and then into Montana where there were definitely more cows, pastures under use and the Yellowstone River– whose water really greens up the landscape.  After 150 miles of almost nothing but a few ranches, we came into Billings–refineries, tall buildings and all.  Tomorrow we ride early at Zimmerman and head to Deer Lodge.  It ended up being 97 degrees today and it should reach 91 tomorrow so the early ride should be cool.

Yellowstone River flowing toward the Missouri in eastern MT
Maah Daah Hey Trail
Follow the Turtle for the Maah Daah Hey
Striped fields in eastern MT
rattlesnake warming-mt
warning sign at rest area…near Custer MT

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