Lake Harmon and the Badlands

This morning we rode at Lake Harmon– nothing special but it was good to get the pedals moving.  The trail is about 10 miles around the lake.  Strange large, round boulders were at the recreaton area.  We found that they are called concretions and ones this size are unique to this area.  They were found when digging out the lake.  We saw a pheasant, great blue heron, quail, rabbits and deer.

Of course, Butch had to get his pic with one!!

lake harmon1

Yep, jokes about big ball and kidney stones….

lakeharmon4 lakeharmon6

After the ride we drove to Medora, ND where the Teddy Roosevelt National Park is located.  Buffalo, prairie dogs, deer and the badlands!

medora1 medora buffalomedora-badlands

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