Michigan Tech

I made a long post here yesterday but it failed to upload.  We’re glad to be headed to Houghton and Mich Tech trails.  There is a world class Nordic center here and they have built  singletrack between the 60 ft wide grassed ski trails.  Lots of variety…they have an Outer Limits and Twilight Zone Trail, fun bermed downhill trails, the Dragon Trail with man made features. Even went out to the Homestead loop and found lots of wild apple trees.

Our last night in Copper Harbor was the town’s chili cook off.  We had free beer, cider pressed on site and some fun local fiddle, bango, guitar and accordian performers entertained.  We
took the scenic route back south to Houghton, past the Great Sand Bay at Eagle Harbor, a monastery and the endless coast of Lake Superior.

Great Sand Bay
Homestead Apple tree


It's still bug season up in the yooper!b

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