It May Not Be the End of the Earth, but I can see it from here….

Here we are at the tip of yooperland–Copper Harbor, MI.  If you don’t like long, curved bridges or benches with steep fall aways, you may want to think before coming up here!  The double black diamonds are impressive.  Heading to Swedetown/Mich Tech trails tomorrow after two nights up here in Copper Harbor.  The waves on Lake Superior and the vastness of the water made it look like the ocean today. Chili cook-off complete with entertainment and free beer.

copperharbor1 copperharbor2 copperharbor3 copperharbor5 copperharbor7

One thought on “It May Not Be the End of the Earth, but I can see it from here….

  1. More thoughts about Michigan– they have more state land put aside for recreation than so many other states. They have an incredible number of miles of shorefront with the great lakes and all the other lakes. Their state rec areas are great for camping. They do have a spelling/pronunciation problem. The Mackinac bridge is pronounced Makinaw, they have these meat and vegetable turnovers called pasties–not promounced like what you would buy in a lingerie store but past tees or poss tees… we didn’t get any since it was Sunday and all the bakeries are closed then.


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