On the Road Chasing Wind and Dirt


For our friends and followers who don’t use facebook or want to know a bit more about what we’re up to..welcome! Choose the Fall 2017-Spring 2019 link above to see the latest posts. This current trip will include some time in Peru, La Ventana and SPI as well as the mountain biking stops along the way. Below are quick links by state:




South Dakota









4 thoughts on “On the Road Chasing Wind and Dirt

  1. Hi Gloria, I got your message on VRBO. We do not have any pets, nor do we smoke or party. The cleaning fee isn’t a problem.. I know that VRBO has fees and probably takes a percentage if a credit card is used. I’m not sure about how you feel about going outside of VRBO, I could provide references if you need. Either way, let me know the total price for the three months and I’ll talk it over with my husband. We are in south Padre Island TX right now and head to Mexico for the month of January, then back here for Feb, Mar and April. We leave here mid April to mountain bike for about 6 weeks until we get to Hood River. My phone is 603 986-5287.


  2. Hey guys! It was good to meet you at Lyle and hopefully we’ll reunite in LV. We’re currently in the bay area looking at Crissy or Sherman Island. Ken n Cassandra


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